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I Am No Longer A Dumb Christian

No Longer A Dumb Christian

Some years ago, a leader of one of the largest church movement in Nigeria was interviewed on certain aspects that differentiate his church

During the early days of his movement, members had refused to own television sets while those that owned refused to turn it on again. Beware the power of the TV a.k.a. devil’s box

The interviewer asked him why this was so. The leader was very candid – hindsight, as they say, is 50:50.

He owned to the fact that he had grown up living his spiritual life with a focus on a prescriptive plan – a method for holiness. So, he applied that to all he did. This ended up becoming part of the theology of the movement he started.

As I write, the movement has a television ministry and even an internet lifestream for their programs

One of the most candid part of the interview was when he said “…things changed over the years, because of increasing maturity. When I was a child, I spoke as a child, but now that I am an adult…

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Why You May Not Have A Great Marriage.


A pastor, I respect, who has been married for over 25 years told an interesting aspect of his marriage.

He met his wife when he was just 17. One of the most significant memories of the early days of meeting his wife was that she gave him a nice bible. He was a non-practicing Catholic at the time and his wife was a backslidden pastor’s daughter.

He was born again reading that Bible in college and they were married at the age of 21. Today, they have three sons and two daughters, all of whom are following Jesus.

According to him, he and his wife have performed badly at every single compatibility test. The question after the tests is always “how are you both still together?”

Listening to this raises the age-old long question – how do you have a great marriage?

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