God Through The Eyes Of A 7 year Old3 min read

“I don’t get it”. She said with an incredulous look. “How can God be everywhere and you say He wants to live in me?”.

It was great having this 7-year-old try to grapple with something older Christians don’t even think about but it was also a bit of a climb. So I knew I had to do my best to make it very simple.

“Well, it’s like this” I started. “The earth is just a small part of what God has created. And because it’s that small to God, he can be everywhere at the same time without having to run from one place to another. It’s like you having a small plate in front of you, you can see and be everywhere on the plate without moving anywhere”.


“Hmm…okay, but sometimes in church, the person leading prayer says “God is now here with us” so He must not be everywhere” she retorted back.

“Well let’s go back to the plate story” trying my best not to sound uber-spiritual. “You can see and be everywhere but sometimes you decide you want to touch a spot on the plate. That’s how it is with God. He can see and be everywhere but sometimes He chooses to act more in a particular place and at a particular point in time. He is still everywhere but He chose a particular spot or spots on the earth that they experience Him more” I continued hoping that I was making progress.

“Why would God do that?” she asked. Her inquisitive mind was still trying to grasp everything. “Because He was to help His people who prayed to Him or He wants to show those who don’t respect Him that He is in charge”.
“Well, I think I understand a bit. So God can be everywhere and be somewhere. But how can He be everywhere, somewhere and be in me?”, she asked quizzically. I was beginning to wonder if there was going to be an end to my inquisition.

“God comes inside you when you let Him decide everything you want to do. Let’s go back to my ant story. Supposing you found a way to control one of the ants so that it does exactly what you want and how you would do it. The ant becomes a little you in the middle of all the other ants. So when the pastor says “we need to let God come into us”, he is saying we need to let God decide everything we do”. The more we get closer to God, the more we understand what He wants and how He wants it.

“You know, I think I understand it better now” she said. With that she was ready to move on to the next thing on her little mind.
I do really hope I answered her in a way she understood. Because if she really understood, I can’t wait to see how she will live out her life in future. Perhaps, my ant story might become an inspirational footnote for her.

Let’s just wait and see.


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