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Is there really a reality of eternity through Jesus that you have been promised?

Is Christianity not just like any other faith in the world?

Do you sometimes wonder if as a Christian, you might be on the wrong side of the bridge?

I saw two posts by Christians which questioned the exclusivity of Christianity to the answers about eternity and life on this side of heaven.

They raise doubts.

I like doubts.

What I don’t like is the treatment of doubts.

By the way, I believe there are 2 types of doubts.

1 – The Doubt that wants to believe – It doubts because it wants a basis to believe. This is the kind of doubt that Thomas the Apostle had – once he saw Jesus resurrected, all his doubts disappeared.

2 – The Doubt that doesn’t want to believe – it doubts and refuses to accept any basis to believe. This is the kind of doubt that the Pharisees had. Nothing that Jesus did was going to make them believe. When He casts out a demon, they claimed it was by Beelzebub, he did it.

I have had my doubts and my unshakeable commitment to the Christian faith came after I wrestled with those doubts.

My doubts were of the first type.

So, what’s your doubt about?

Whatever it is, God is big enough to handle them if you are brave enough to face Him with them.

The question is.


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Tola Akinsulire

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