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Hi, My name is Tola. I am the fingers behind the posts you see on this blog. This blog is the place where I try my best to help busy & passionate people like you make a difference in the world through their faith in Jesus.

Tola Akinsulire
A Bit About Me

I became a Christian while I was in Secondary school and like most Christians I did a bit of run-arounds (kind of expected, right?) before I decided to take my decision serious (about time you said!). I have being working in Financial Services & Real Estate for over 15 years.

Until recently, I worked primarily in Lagos, Nigeria. I now work from out of Barcelona, Spain (It’s someplace in Europe in case you are wondering). I am married to my beautiful bride, Biola and we have a precocious boy named AdesireOluwa.

For a number of years, I also volunteered and served on the Board of an NGO (SOLID Foundation) involved with teenagers. The work part of this is that I get to train teachers, parents and significant adults some of the things they need to know about raising teens. The fun part of this is I get to be part of 9-day summer camps where I listen, talk, scream and chase after teenagers who just want to have some fun. Though, serving as camp director for two years kind of made the camping experience of those two years "work". But I still had fun.

Tola Akinsulire With Teens

Me & Some Of Me Fun Teens. See If You Can Spot Me In The Picture!

One thing I know from my life: living out faith in life (marriage, work, friendships, relationship, community etc) is hard work. REALLY hard work! But despite the hard work, the joy that comes after is so much more.

That’s why I’m committed to sharing whatever I learn along the way with you: honest & unfiltered. Because I want you to know you’re not the only one on the journey and your life can make a difference. I’m still riding this journey but I know that it promises more than what we give to it.

Tola Akinsulire Thinks
What You'll Find Here

This blog exists to be a “You are not alone, let’s walk this together” on your journey of faith and life.I usually post twice a week, but every now and then, I’ll post 3 times. In every post, you can count on a lot of honesty, a little humour & some encouragement to get you through your walk.

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