After my Wife and I fought2 min read

After my Wife and I fought

As part of our plan for growth this year, one of the decisions my wife and I made was to go for counseling. Our reason was pretty simple; we wanted to deepen of relationship and marriage experience.

We didn’t go into it because of a major problem. Rather, so we could move to the next level in our marriage

To keep our commitment to the whole process, we went for a paid option and were connected to a wonderful couple with many decades of marriage experience.

As things happen, my wife and I had one of those fights couples have about 2 days before one of our sessions.

As you can guess, we brought up the matter during our counseling time. The couple gave us great insight on how we should address the issues that brought up the conflict. It was clear that we were both wrong and we were both right.

We were both right in our perspectives but both wrong in our approaches to the matter.

This happened a fortnight ago. During our session this week, we were asked if we asked and received forgiveness from each other for the whole matter.

As it turns out, we didn’t even realize we should be doing that. And we have never done that since we have been married.

After my Wife and I fought

Our counselors made us do that process right in front of them. We each mentioned what we did wrong and asked for forgiveness.

Doing that was like taking in a breath of fresh air. I wondered why we hadn’t been doing that prior to now.

Perhaps we have always assumed that we have closed the issues because we aired them out. And we simply moved on after we got over the cathartic experience.

Asking for and receiving forgiveness bonded us more.

This is one practice that will definitely continue.

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