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A friend of mine got me a free VIP ticket to watch the first match of the 2016/2017 season for the Barcelona football team. I like football but I am not one of those fans of the club (that sounds like blasphemy to some people right?). Really I am not a fan of any club. I see myself as the sophisticated football connoisseur who sorts though different delectable offerings from the football buffet (all this talk over football).

For my American friends, I am not talking about that football (with pads and all); you probably know this game more as soccer. So now that we have all this out of the way, let me continue with my tale.

This was my first experience in a football stadium and the experience was rather self-illuminating. Minutes into the match, I realized that I had lost the ability to give my attention to one thing at a time.

You see, when I watch football games at home, I don’t stay permanently on the station. Most of the time I am channel surfing. I get bored of most of the ball movements which are not directed towards scoring a goal (probably why tiki-taka is a bore fest to me). In some cases, I give up on watching the full match and just wait for the 15-minute highlight reel after the match.

You can imagine my amazement to find out that the big scoreboards in the stadium don’t show event replays. They just do what their names mean – display time and the scores. Such a bummer!

So for the first time in a long time, I had to pay attention for a whole 90 minutes to everything happening on the field. What would be the fun of been in the stadium and only see the most important moments of the match at home on my TV?

The whole experience brought home a spiritual lesson for me – the importance of paying attention to everything that God sends your way and growing through the experience. A number of times I get so fascinated with the highlights but it’s the slow-build up that lead to the events reported on the highlights.

Sometimes when we try to build up, it may seem like the enemy breaks up our play. Our job is to not give up but start a new build-up. If we continue to do this every time and not give up, then eventually a couple of those build-up plays will lead to great highlight moments.

I am relearning what it means to take advantage of the mundane and use them to build a masterpiece for Christ.

Did you start a build-up which didn’t work out well but you know God wants you to go that route? Change the routine – that may be the momentum builder you need.

Is there a build-up you are still over-analysing how to go on with it? Well, you’ll never know it will work until you try it out. So make that play.

There are a couple of new habits that I need to pick-up today to start my build-up play. That really is hard work for me – keeping to a regime or routine. But I am confident; it will play out in the end.

Back to the match. I saw almost all the most important moments of the game. I missed the first goal by Real Betis by a second or really I think it was by a blink. Barcelona scored 6 goals to Real Betis 2 goals. So I think I didn’t do too badly catching 7 out 8 goals.

Not bad for a day’s job – perhaps I might be back to watch another match. I just might be back….

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Tola Akinsulire

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