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How To Connect With A Mentor

connect to a mentor

John Maxwell tells an interesting story about his early days as a pastor in the 1970s. He wanted to learn and grow as a pastor. So, he came up with an innovative plan to meet up with 10 of the top pastors in the country. His plan would cost him trips around the country and a quarter of his annual income ($4,200 at that time) if all 10 pastors agreed to it.

Recognizing that they would be very busy, he offered to pay each pastor $100 for 1 hour of his time for the chance to interview and ask questions. Only 2 of these pastors took up the offer. He met with those two pastors showing up with a long, long list of questions.

He asked his questions, took lots of notes and stuck to time. Before he left each of them, he asked them if they knew any of the other 8 pastors on his list and if they did, would they be kind enough to call some of them and make a personal introduction.

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God of the Old Testament – Where are you?

God of the Old Testament - Where are you

I was listening to a pastor preach the other day. In his sermon, he tried to tell us “naughty” Christians how much luck we have. According to him, we seem to be getting away with a lot of things because God has become more merciful since the sacrifice of Jesus. In his words, if it was during the days of the old testament, we would have been wiped out – whoosh and skadoosh! Like that, we would have learnt never to mess with God.

He tried to give examples from scripture to justify his line of reasoning. I think by the end of the sermon, I was thankful that Jesus was standing between God and the rest of us. Without Jesus, only God knows what God would have done to all of us.

But is this really true? Is God so unnerved that He can’t bear us when we go out of line?

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How I Study The Bible


A while back, someone put up an article in one of the groups that I belong to about the pitfalls of using a read-through-the-bible-in-a-year plan of reading the bible. One of the points put forward is that “starting your year’s reading from Genesis may not be the message relevant to that stage of your life”.

Well, the problem with these sorts of arguments that they try to create an either/or situation. But I think the situation is not as complicated as that.

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How To Get Father God To Give You Stuff

Getting Stuff From God

I have a confession to make. I tried to give God a nice motivation to speed up a prayer request I made to Him.

It happened a while back. I had been praying to God and it seemed that He was taking His time – does anyone else think He does that so often? A little part of me also thought that there was some part of the whole equation I was not “getting”. So, I decided to add to the mathematics so I could get the answer faster.

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