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Why You May Not Get A Miracle

Why You May Not Get A Miracle

I read an article recently where the writer lampooned a billionaire.

Don’t worry, it was not one of those “billionaires must be scoundrels” articles, it was closer to home

The billionaire had attributed her mighty billions all to God. I guess that was what irked the writer

The sentiment was clear. If everything is a miracle, then how can the rest of us learn and grow from you? How would we learn and grow if we don’t know the story of your mighty billions?

Well, I think the answer was quite simple. We will wait for a miracle

But is that really what God wants for all His children?

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Why Shouldn’t You Relocate?

Why Shouldn't You Relocate?

I heard someone once remark “Bill Clinton can find 3 sides to a two-sided argument”. Well, someone else did a “Bill Clinton” recently during a round of passionate arguments

The two sides of the argument were:

– the economic situation in Nigeria is not looking promising. So, if you have the opportunity to relocate, take it

– the economic situation notwithstanding, God has promised to bless you. It is almost a show of unbelief to tie your blessing to a location. God can prosper you even in the midst of tough economic situations.

While these two sides were going mano-a-mano, someone slipped in a third side – “part of this problem is because I was born in Nigeria. If my parents had taken the opportunity to have me in a country like the US, I would have had better opportunities”.

This third angle was a curve ball no one was expecting.

So, which of the three sides makes sense?

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How To Know You Are Not Born-Again

How To Know You Are Not Born-Again

During my undergraduate, there was this guy who had been in the leadership of the fellowship I was a part of.

I say “had been” because he did not just quit before his term was over, he walked out on the other members of his team. And he did not stop there, he walked out of the fellowship.

I came to school after he had quit while he was still completing his final year. One of the guys he had served with on the leadership team said the guy decided to walk out of his faith. Simply put, he had backslidden.

I was thinking about this recently and wondered.

Does anyone still backslide now?

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How To Pray Without Ceasing

How To Pray Without Ceasing

You have probably met that type of church brother or sister before.

It seems like they are talking but the only problem is that you can’t see anyone they are talking to. You are sure that they are muttering something under their breath at every moment.

You are not really sure what they are up to but eventually, you get a hang of what they are doing. They seem to be praying. You wonder how they keep this up and realize that that is how they practice praying without ceasing – (1 Thessalonians 5:17)

A part of you begins to ask – Is this what I am meant to do?

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How To Work Out Your Goals In The New Year

How To Work Out Your Goals In The New Year

It’s less than one week into the New Year. And have I got some interesting tweets to share with you after a quick search for #resolutionfail.

“Started a diet Monday. Yesterday, my co-worker brought me a cupcake. Diet lasted 72 hours. #newrecord #resolutionfail”,

“My new year’s resolution is to spend less time on social media! ….oops. resolutionfail”

“My team’s New Year Resolution lasted all of 2 days! 😂 #resolutionfail”

“Well, I can go ahead and scratch out the resolution of not cussing in full sentences when driving. 3 red light runners, 2 wide right lane turners, 6 no blinkers lane changers, & the speed limit enforcer in left lane.  #resolutionfail”

“I was supposed to start a blog… I’m now writing trip advisor reviews 😂 #startsomewhere #cba #travel #australia #resolutionfail”

“New Year Resolution: To make it to work by 7:30am every day.  January 3rd.  Failed two days in a row.  Not starting this off the right way.  #canonlygoupfromhere #resolutionfail”

Well, studies tell us that the average person makes the same New Year’s resolution 10 separate times without success. And if you are one of those that prefer to work with goals because resolutions seem like old-school, well the jury is out and it’s not any better really.

So, what can you do to make 2018 different from all the other years you set out to run with your resolutions or goals and failed?

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