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How To Live With People You Don’t Trust

How To Live With People You Don't Trust

He was sure that they were talking about him in a way that would not win his trust.

Better put, he was sure his colleague was discussing the new idea he shared with him with his boss. His problem with that? He was sure the guy was taking credit for the idea. Trust is a big problem with this guy.

This was one issue he saw with the guy. He couldn’t be trusted not to want to have one over anyone and everyone – even if it meant stealing their ideas.

He mentioned what happened to another colleague. Guess what, the guy had done the same thing to her!

According to her, she had adopted an “avoid” strategy with him. She zipped her mouth when around him. She also avoided any non-official interaction with him. No need to show him any form of trust.

“So what are you going to do about him” she asked him.

“I haven’t thought about it” he replied.

But he was thinking hard

How was he going to deal with this “sneaky” colleague in a God-honoring way?

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Why Are Countries Blessed

Why Are Countries Blessed
Over the last couple of months, I’ve had a guy who seems to want to refute any “God talk” I put online. He usually tries to make it a conversation about countries. From his comments, there are a few things I pick out:
  1. He believes the practice of religion (chief of which is Christianity) is one of the biggest reason for African countries’ underdevelopment
  2. He thinks that western countries have moved on from Christianity and live better by doing that
I try to always respect the opinions expressed by other people. No matter how much they differ from my convictions
In spite of this, I cannot help but wonder if there is a misunderstanding about God and Christianity. And if we stretch that thought to its end, a lack of connection between God and the prosperity of countries.
So what has God got to do with it?

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Why Politics Shouldn’t Separate Brothers

Why Politics Shouldn't Separate Brothers
There are a few things that get the blood pumping like talking politics.
The only other adrenaline pumping talk that matches talking politics is talking sports. Football, tennis, basketball, choose your pick. They turn one-time friends into strong rivals and create common ground between strangers. 
That is a conversation for another day.
Recently, a pastor posted that any fellow pastor supporting a particular candidate is a murderer.  Very strong words. Especially if you consider that no murderer has a place in the kingdom of God
So, is it possible for Christians to talk politics, support different candidates or ideologies and still get along?

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Did Jesus Really Stay Dead For 3 Days Before Easter?

Did Jesus Really Stay Dead For 3 Days Before Easter?
I don’t know if you are like me. But I always like to ask all the “why”, “how”, “what” and “when” questions that come with Christianity. One of those “how” questions I asked for a long time was about Easter.

How could Jesus have stayed dead for 3 days if Easter says he was crucified on Friday evening and resurrected on Sunday morning? The math was not adding up

By my calculations, that seemed less than 72 hours if I go by the words of Jesus on the expected timeline for Him to stay dead.

For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of a huge fish, so the Son of Man will be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. – Matt 12:40

So, what happened here?

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Time To Stop Sharing Testimonies In Church

Time To Stop Sharing Testimonies In Church
I would like to share the testimony of this 30-year-old guy – it’s one of those really good testimonies.

He was working in the mailroom of a large multinational and had been there for a while just doing his job. There had been people that he even helped on the job who had now become management level staff now but he was still just a contract staff.

One morning, he got a call on his intercom to come to the Boardroom. He quickly grabbed his jacket, tried to straighten himself up and make a quick dash to meet them

Arriving there, he found out that the board and management team were having a strategy session.

The MD had spent the night thinking about an initiative but he could not adapt it to make it work for the organization. As it turned out, no one else in board or management team could either.

It was then that the head of administration unit (who once worked with the young man in the mailroom) suggested that they call him. In his words “this young man has a way of analyzing things and coming up with a plan for how they can work. He did that for me once”.

As it would turn out, the young man was able to do the same thing at the strategy session. The MD was so impressed that he made the guy the deputy CEO immediately and put him in charge of executing the initiative

So, in the morning a mailroom staff and afternoon deputy CEO, a senior management staff.

As you can imagine, everyone in church went high – most people were already claiming the testimony.

So, what is wrong with sharing this testimony?

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