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Did Jesus Really Stay Dead For 3 Days Before Easter?

Did Jesus Really Stay Dead For 3 Days Before Easter?

I don’t know if you are like me. But I always like to ask all the “why”, “how”, “what” and “when” questions that come with Christianity. One of those “how” questions I asked for a long time was about Easter.

How could Jesus have stayed dead for 3 days if Easter says he was crucified on Friday evening and resurrected on Sunday morning? The math was not adding up

By my calculations, that seemed less than 72 hours if I go by the words of Jesus on the expected timeline for Him to stay dead.

For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of a huge fish, so the Son of Man will be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. – Matt 12:40

So, what happened here?

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Time To Stop Sharing Testimonies In Church

Time To Stop Sharing Testimonies In Church

I would like to share the testimony of this 30-year-old guy – it’s one of those really good testimonies.

He was working in the mailroom of a large multinational and had been there for a while just doing his job. There had been people that he even helped on the job who had now become management level staff now but he was still just a contract staff.

One morning, he got a call on his intercom to come to the Boardroom. He quickly grabbed his jacket, tried to straighten himself up and make a quick dash to meet them

Arriving there, he found out that the board and management team were having a strategy session.

The MD had spent the night thinking about an initiative but he could not adapt it to make it work for the organization. As it turned out, no one else in board or management team could either.

It was then that the head of administration unit (who once worked with the young man in the mailroom) suggested that they call him. In his words “this young man has a way of analyzing things and coming up with a plan for how they can work. He did that for me once”.

As it would turn out, the young man was able to do the same thing at the strategy session. The MD was so impressed that he made the guy the deputy CEO immediately and put him in charge of executing the initiative

So, in the morning a mailroom staff and afternoon deputy CEO, a senior management staff.

As you can imagine, everyone in church went high – most people were already claiming the testimony.

So, what is wrong with sharing this testimony?

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Why I Don’t Pay Tithes

Why I Don’t Pay Tithes

During one of the lean times of one of the social causes I support, one of its officers had made an impassioned plea for voluntary contributions.

Along the lines of passion, he had asked that people consider giving their tithes because of the need that the social cause was supporting.

As you can imagine, this started the next episode of The Battle Of The Planets. The only problem was that no one could really tell who was Zoltar as everyone seemed to be playing Commander Mark.

Let’s just say we had a couple of “my church should always get my tithe”, “tithe is not for you” and so many other points of view you can add to the mix.

I don’t really think we came to one point of view that day but I guess that what you should expect. Any talk of money has a way of bringing out the superpowers that most church folks keep hidden for just that occasion.


What’s Tithe Got To Do?

So, what is all the hullabaloo on tithe?

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Lessons From Leading A Student Fellowship

lesson from student fellowship
During my undergraduate, I served as president of a campus fellowship in school. As things would turn out during my time in leadership, it had the largest number of attendees. In simple church growth lingo, we had the largest fellowship on campus.
But you know the funny thing, I don’t know how many people attended our fellowship meetings. Don’t be too awed, we were not so big that we couldn’t count. Rather, I told the ushers not to bother counting how many people showed up during services.
The only reason we were seen as the largest fellowship was that we filled the whole chapel auditorium. Other fellowships filled sections of the chapel – we took the whole place.

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The Greatly Exaggerated Rumors Of Christianity’s Demise

The Cross

I got a message on my phone talking about how the people in government had come up with a policy that would see the end of Christianity – in a few words and more. This is not the first message of its kind and during the Nigerian 2015 Presidential elections, I got similar messages saying that voting for a particular candidate would lead to the end of Christianity in the country.

This is aside from the many more I have gotten (and still get) that would put the fear of Christianity’s future into any person. They include warnings that if action is not taken, Christianity would be overrun like what happened in a country like Turkey.

So, what does a guy like me do in the face of all this? Well, I do the simple thing – I turn to God. I turn to God for confidence because I believe that we should never act based on fear. In my quest for God, I look to the example of the disciples when they were confronted with something similar.

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