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How To Cheat Work For Home Sake

Recently, I listened to Mr. Olu Onakoya speak at an event.

If you haven’t heard of him, you are not alone, I hadn’t heard of him till that event. He was the first Nigerian Managing Director of Mobil Oil Nigeria Plc, an ExxonMobil affiliate company, from 2004-2008.

He chose to retire from the job and the company at the age of 57 – well before the required age of 60. The company had hoped they could keep him longer but he kept to his decision.

His reason for this was more personal than professional. In his words, he was missing out of the important times that his family needed.

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Why Shouldn’t Christian Artists Collaborate With Secular Artists?

This is written in response to a question that someone asked me about whether it was good for a Christian artist to collaborate with a secular artist. Or in the specific, Did Tasha Cobbs Leonard “do right” collaborating on a song with Nicki Minaj?

I would like to start with a couple of things.

For an action to be acceptable to God and qualify as a mark of faithfulness, It must be done in a way that glorifies God by God’s people with the singular motive of doing it for God’s glory.

Late John Wimber said a couple of years back “The real test, in these days, will not be the writing and producing of new and great worship music. The real test will be the godliness and character of those who deliver it.”

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Lessons From Leading A Student Fellowship

lesson from student fellowship
During my undergraduate, I served as president of a campus fellowship in school. As things would turn out during my time in leadership, it had the largest number of attendees. In simple church growth lingo, we had the largest fellowship on campus.
But you know the funny thing, I don’t know how many people attended our fellowship meetings. Don’t be too awed, we were not so big that we couldn’t count. Rather, I told the ushers not to bother counting how many people showed up during services.
The only reason we were seen as the largest fellowship was that we filled the whole chapel auditorium. Other fellowships filled sections of the chapel – we took the whole place.

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When God Became An Evangelist


A while back, I wrote about a Christian convert originally from Iran. He converted to Christianity and his life has been dotted with the persecutions that come with such a decision.

I was talking with him recently and he shared the story of how he came to faith. Jesus had appeared to him in his dreams. In the first dream, He beckoned him to come. A few nights later, he had another dream where Jesus appeared to him. The dream ended with Jesus telling him that it was not yet time for him to die.

A few nights later, he had another dream where Jesus appeared to him. The dream ended with Jesus telling him that it was not yet time for him to die.

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You Just Might Save That Colleague’s Life

colleagues at work

Tim Sanders, leadership coach, former Chief Solutions Officer at Yahoo! and author of book Love Is the Killer App, tells a remarkable story about a young manager named Steve, who was challenged by one of Sanders’s radio interviews.

Steve made a decision to visit all of his six employees whom he had not seen face to face in over six months even though they worked in the same building and on the same floor. His plan was to tell each of them how much he appreciated them and name one thing they did excellently.

After the visit from Steve, one of his software engineers, Lenny, presented him with an Xbox gaming console. Steve was surprised, as he knew Lenny had taken pay cuts over the last year.

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