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When God Doesn’t Want The Glory Alone

When God Doesn't Want The Glory Alone
Tola’s Thoughts On Faith& Life

I was listening to a pastor on youtube celebrate a significant milestone in the life of his church organization.

It was a milestone that took a lot of financial investment. As he reeled out the level of investment that had gone into achieving it – it was no small wonder.

He closed it up with this summation – THIS WAS DONE ALL THROUGH GOD’S HELP.

Listening to him, it sounded so right – God is getting all the glory. But a part of me felt a sort of tingle of emotions.

God did it through the generous contributions of the church members.

Would it serve the story less, if the generosity of these could be acknowledged?

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Why I Don’t Ask God To Reward Me When I Ask For Stuff

Tola’s Thoughts On Faith & Life

During a discussion this week, in one of the faith-based NGOs I have served in a significant leadership capacity in the past, someone was trying to encourage more people to offer themselves to serve more in key leadership roles.

To do that, she referenced a couple of “good happenings” in the lives of previous people who served in leadership and made the “one plus one = two” narrative.

God rewards you with more significant “good happenings” after you serve in a significant leadership capacity within the NGO.

It’s a WhatsApp group so she took the time to list out the “good happenings” that happened in the lives of previous volunteers.

Well, I was one of them – and she added a couple of “good happenings” that happened to me to support it.

Well, I decided to respond. I’ll reproduce my response but edit out key references to place or people (but you’ll still get the gist of what I wrote).

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Why I Need People Who Keep Me Accountable

Why I Need People Who Keep Me Accountable
Tola’s Thoughts On Faith & Life

I just watched the interview by Priscilla Shirer (daughter of Tony Evans and main lead in the movie War Room) with Bob and Audrey Meisner.

After 17 years of marriage and a seemingly idyllic marriage admired by others but internally suffering from poor communication and a lack of communication, Audrey had an affair with a man from their church and was pregnant with his child.

By the way, they were pastoring a church.

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Why I Will Not Sing In Tongues In Church

tongues worship
Tola’s Thoughts On Faith & Life

Recently, I had to travel to another city for work. My time ran into the weekend and I had to spend Sunday there.

I still like to find a church I could fellowship in. And I found a church not too far from where I was staying.

I really enjoyed my time of worship in the church and it’s definitely a church I could see myself coming often to.

At some time during the service, the worship leader came to lead us in on a worship set.

Well, he was doing great until he started singing something I didn’t know. And he expected that I should stand up and sing with him.

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When Bad Things Happen

bad things
Tola’s Thoughts On Faith & Life 

They were talking not too far from me so I could hear most of their conversation

He had just suffered a deep personal tragedy. At height of the whole thing, he had gotten so many people to pray. He had even gotten a well-known pastor to pitch in – surely God must answer this man’s prayer

Well, it seemed like everything was going to work out. And then the unseen hand of fate played a curveball that threw the whole story to an inglorious end. Or so it seemed.

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