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How To Connect With A Mentor

connect to a mentor

John Maxwell tells an interesting story about his early days as a pastor in the 1970s. He wanted to learn and grow as a pastor. So, he came up with an innovative plan to meet up with 10 of the top pastors in the country. His plan would cost him trips around the country and a quarter of his annual income ($4,200 at that time) if all 10 pastors agreed to it.

Recognizing that they would be very busy, he offered to pay each pastor $100 for 1 hour of his time for the chance to interview and ask questions. Only 2 of these pastors took up the offer. He met with those two pastors showing up with a long, long list of questions.

He asked his questions, took lots of notes and stuck to time. Before he left each of them, he asked them if they knew any of the other 8 pastors on his list and if they did, would they be kind enough to call some of them and make a personal introduction.

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When Thank-You Changes The Universe

Thank You Rocks The Galaxy

Does anyone remember the first etiquette words that our parents make us say more often than we would have liked to when we were kids? Let me help you out – my words were “Please” and “Thank you”.

Eventually, “please” became easier to say since I usually said it because I wanted to get something. “Thank you” had its own unique challenges. I just could not appreciate some of the situations I had to say “thank you” for.

Can you imagine that after you just got a whopping or served a punishment (usually very excruciating), I had to say “thank you”? Maybe it was to appreciate them for a good whopping – which I really didn’t. Anyway, it kind of looked like all the grown-ups were always trying to make me say “thank you”, even if I didn’t want to. I bet it probably was the same for you.

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How To Live Out Your God Given Call


During my first days as a new Christian, once you had been a Christian for a while, the next question you’ll be asked is “what is your calling?”

If you were like me, the first response was usually a mix of mumbled words to give a sense of spirituality even if I really didn’t understand what I was saying. Eventually, I get to words like “I’m still praying about it” or “I think God is calling me to blah-blah“.

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Live Everyday Not To Waste Your Life

I bet you have read some of those stories – someone is living a regular normal life and bam!, some eureka moment happens and they change the direction of their lives. For some others, the change is not so radical. They just get a shock therapy that further refocuses their lives.

A few years ago, I got a dose of the latter and it wasn’t a happy jolt. My jolt came from an unusual source. My best friend at that time, Sunkanmi Olayemi and I had great plans of what we would do in the future. We met during in the first year of undergraduate and used our friendship to help each other become better.

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