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Whatever Happened To The Day Called “SABBATH”?


I had this interesting conversation with a colleague of mine at work. She was a Christian like me and she always put in the extra effort at work to make sure things got done. I was having a chat and trying to find out what she did during the weekends after a very busy week (which is like every week!).

Her response went something like this. “My husband and I are up early on Saturday morning to attend a couple meetings in church. We spend most of the day in church on Saturday to get a number of things going. We are also up early on Sunday morning for service followed by a couple more meetings after church. In the evening, we attend the home fellowship meetings”

I was stunned when she reeled through all this because she was said it with a sense of self-achievement. Well, I wasn’t going to bust her bubble too quickly so I stylishly slipped in the question – when do you take time to rest?

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What I learnt From Watching Barcelona FC

A friend of mine got me a free VIP ticket to watch the first match of the 2016/2017 season for the Barcelona football team. I like football but I am not one of those fans of the club (that sounds like blasphemy to some people right?). Really I am not a fan of any club. I see myself as the sophisticated football connoisseur who sorts though different delectable offerings from the football buffet (all this talk over football).

For my American friends, I am not talking about that football (with pads and all); you probably know this game more as soccer. So now that we have all this out of the way, let me continue with my tale.

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It Wasn’t Me

Have you ever been in that situation? Someone asked you a question and you think, you know the real question they are not asking. To us, the question seems to be their way of saying “it was your fault”. So we don’t answer the question asked but rather the question we think they are asking. “It wasn’t me“.

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Make Me Messiah

Messiah Image

Have you ever felt so useless because you could not help everyone you thought you had to help?

Every now and again we come across people who seem to need more than we can give. They ask for our time, money, space, and attention in ways we have to stretch ourselves so much than humanly required. But yet we really want to do it. I believe most of us carry within us a Messiah complex. We want to save the world. While this in itself is not a vice, it can become a vice if we try to substitute ourselves into the finished work of Christ.

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