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Why Politics Shouldn’t Separate Brothers

Why Politics Shouldn't Separate Brothers
There are a few things that get the blood pumping like talking politics.
The only other adrenaline pumping talk that matches talking politics is talking sports. Football, tennis, basketball, choose your pick. They turn one-time friends into strong rivals and create common ground between strangers. 
That is a conversation for another day.
Recently, a pastor posted that any fellow pastor supporting a particular candidate is a murderer.  Very strong words. Especially if you consider that no murderer has a place in the kingdom of God
So, is it possible for Christians to talk politics, support different candidates or ideologies and still get along?

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Why Shouldn’t Christian Artists Collaborate With Secular Artists?

This is written in response to a question that someone asked me about whether it was good for a Christian artist to collaborate with a secular artist. Or in the specific, Did Tasha Cobbs Leonard “do right” collaborating on a song with Nicki Minaj?

I would like to start with a couple of things.

For an action to be acceptable to God and qualify as a mark of faithfulness, It must be done in a way that glorifies God by God’s people with the singular motive of doing it for God’s glory.

Late John Wimber said a couple of years back “The real test, in these days, will not be the writing and producing of new and great worship music. The real test will be the godliness and character of those who deliver it.”

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When God Became An Evangelist


A while back, I wrote about a Christian convert originally from Iran. He converted to Christianity and his life has been dotted with the persecutions that come with such a decision.

I was talking with him recently and he shared the story of how he came to faith. Jesus had appeared to him in his dreams. In the first dream, He beckoned him to come. A few nights later, he had another dream where Jesus appeared to him. The dream ended with Jesus telling him that it was not yet time for him to die.

A few nights later, he had another dream where Jesus appeared to him. The dream ended with Jesus telling him that it was not yet time for him to die.

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Another December To Remember


I bet you have heard the phrase – Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. It seems to come with a promise of so much to look forward to and a whole lot more to enjoy in the moment.

If you are like most people, you have probably spent most of the year trying to make the best for you and your family. You have dreams and goals that you trotted the days, weeks and months towards.  And that is great.

So, Christmas offers itself as the season to refresh and reconnect with some of the things that matter. Most families have their tradition – gift exchange, relatives traveling for the annual reunion or just an excuse for another party. In the middle of all these, perhaps I can add something more to the whole memory of Christmas.

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Mixing Christianity And Politics Pt 2

This post is a continuation from my last post which highlights what I think should be our worldview on Christianity & Politics. You can read my last post here.

Have you ever heard this before? “We must have Christians in government in order to protect Christian beliefs and guarantee a societal lifestyle that aligns with the Christian faith”. What do you think about this?

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