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Mixing Christianity And Politics

Over the next few posts, I will be spending time to write on what worldviews I think that Christians ought to have about politics. I do hope we can learn together.

During my undergraduate days, someone walked up to me and was pitching a political candidate to me. He started with all the qualities that the candidate had which in his opinion made him a better choice. Then he decided to introduce what he thought would be the clincher – the guy is also a Christian.

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Brother’s Keeper

A group of guys from my church were on their way after service when they bumped into an unusual scene. As they walked by a restaurant which they occasionally passed, two men rushed out holding on to a man who was covered in blood. They dragged him out and pinned him to the ground.

The story, as it came out, was that the man had an argument with his wife. In a mad fit of anger, he had stabbed his wife. Unfortunately, his anger did not show any signs of abating. It looks like killing the wife would be the only resolution for him. Shortly afterwards, the ambulance came and the woman was rolled out with the sheets covering her. As it seemed, the stab wounds had killed her.

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Don’t Let Their Innocence Be Stolen

Someone posted a video on their facebook profile which was re-posted until it showed up on my feed. Let me say this, it may not have been the most assaulting video I saw but it sure ranks well on the top of the list. The video was that of a boy no more than 9 years old been made to perform sexual acts on a girl in her late teens. According to the person who posted the video, the girl was the house maid. In the writer’s view, he or she was playing “good Samaritan” to warn us to be wary of leaving our children alone with housemaid without supervision.

Despite the seemingly “good intentions” of the writer, I was more offended with the writer than the housemaid. How can we have become so comfortable with being spectators that we can hide in an unseen corner and record videos under the guise of wanting to warn others with it? The truth is really that we have become too interested in saving ourselves instead of helping others.

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Do You Want To Be A Nun?

A girl told an interesting story of why it took a while before she eventually opened her heart to the gospel. According her, every time her colleague tried to introduce Jesus to her, for some strange reason it felt like he was asking “Do you want to be a nun?”. Anyway, eventually she realized what following Christ really meant – no need to enter the monastery. Today, she proudly follows the saviour and carries the badge of being a christian with pride.

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