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Before Children Became Parents

Before Children Became Parents
The conclusion the post came to was this “despite our parents’ worst efforts, we turned out ok. So it would seem. But we didn’t turn out OK.” And afterward, a list of issues are raised as problems from how they were parented.
As a child of that generation, I understand the point. And I also see the gap in the logic proposed.
We were expecting 19th-century kids to raise 20th-century kids who will parent in the 21st century.
And we thought it was going to be kumbaya.
Most of our parents grew up as kids when the only source of information was from the neighborhood they grew up in. When the TV came up, all the news and influences were from their region.
By the time they started raising kids, the TV had gone national, bringing influences from all over the country. And let’s not forget the movies and TV shows from other parts of the world, bringing new influences- something completely foreign to them.
Schooling had expanded to bring in kids from other parts of the country into one melting pot. Kids in school were not just one culture, it was a party over there.
It’s a different world from where they came from.
But we say we are better than they were.

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When I Said I Do

It was a few years back

I don’t remember what caused it but I felt that my wife was not treating me right.

I waited for the whole family to go to bed before deciding to go for a walk.

It was meant to be a prayer walk where I was going to do a tell-it-all with God.

It was more of a prayer rant.

I went into all I thought I was not getting.

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The Smart Way to Support a Political Leader God Chooses

The Smart Way to Support a Political Leader God Chooses

An argument started on one of the groups I’m on. It’s not a lame kind of argument. This was serious.

They were “fighting” over the activities of a political leader. One guy held that there was no way the leader could be God’s choice because of his unsavory character.

The other guy held that the political leader was God’s choice, had done a lot to advance the interest of the church and so must be supported.

It wasn’t one of those quiet battles. This was tougher than that.

They eventually paused, like two boxers going back to their corner, waiting for the bell to call a restart. It was clear that this argument would pop up another time.

Someone says something or winds up the conversation and out jumps the jack-in-box.

Beyond the seething emotions in the background, there is a bigger question lost in the middle of everything.

Maybe we need to find the question before we even look at the arguments from both sides.

And the question is….?

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How Christians Show Their Selfish side in National Crisis

How Christians Show Their Selfish side in National Crisis

In one of the groups I’m in, I got a video of Christians who defied the new culture of social distancing. They were still meeting for service.

Reporters were trying to speak with some of the congregation as they drove out. They were not keen on giving them the time of day.

Anyway, a reporter got a question in and tried to find out if they were not concerned about the Coronavirus

Her respondent replied in a matter-of-fact manner – “I am covered by the blood of Jesus”

And this sentiment is expressed by so many others from the pulpit

By this singular mindset, we forget what we are here to do.

But how did we become so selfish?

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How We Respond When Corona and Others Strike

How We Respond When Corona and Others Strike
Depending on which part of the world you go to bed at night in, you are feeling the effect of the Corona virus at varying levels
For some, it’s restricted to the battle for sanitizers. It has graduated in some places to the mad grab for tissue paper. While on the extreme end, some are cocooned due to the stay-at-home order by government to contain the spread.
These are the voices we hear often. But the most affected who have remained silent are those who have contacted the virus. All those other concerns pale in comparison for them as they continue to live with the hope that they will overcome the virus
There has been a whole load of questions on why Africa, in spite of its often-told story in western media of poor health facilities, is keeping the virus at bay

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