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When You Get An Appraisal You Don’t like

Appraisal Review

I am not sure if you are familiar with this story.

You take your job very seriously and work very hard to deliver on whatever targets your boss sets for you. Perhaps, you even suffer occasionally the curse of the tunnel vision that keeps you at work late into the night. After all this, you expect that the next appraisal should earn you that promotion you think you deserve.

As it would turn out, my tales have not always turned out that way. On a number of occasions, I have gotten appraisal outcomes I did not like. So, what did I do?

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How To Live Out Your Call At Work


How many of you have been in one of those discussions about what you needed to do to let people know that a Christian was working in a particular office? Well, one of the strategies that used to come up was creating a sort of church-in-the-office time where we would sing, pray and study scriptures together.

Actually, at my first job I even contemplated starting one of those office fellowships. The truth is that they are nice and they help us as Christians to create a comfortable environment that we can control. My only concern is whether that should be our aim for living out our call at work.

The workplace is meant to be one of the zone where we meet the needy world in their space. The biggest beneficiaries of workplace fellowship times are mostly Christians not the people who really need our message.

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Making The Most Of A Difficult Boss

Have you ever had one of those bosses? It seems like they were sent by heaven to either unleash the beast in you or make your confidence walk out the door. You can’t seem to get anything right with them and they make a habit of letting you know that also.

 I had one of those bosses at a point in my career. I joined the team when I was coming from a high. I was a top performer and so it didn’t seem like it was going to be a huge gulf to go over.

But man was I in for it. My new boss just seemed to have changing standards every day. It seemed like you need to check out the weather reports to get a sense of how the day was going to go. If you get “partly cloudy with sunshine”, then it’s going to be a lovely day. But if you get “rainy with shouts of thunderstorms”, then prepare yourself for the bust because it’s coming.

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