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Marriage Fight Club

Marriage Fight Club

I sent a message to my wife yesterday.

“Thank you for fighting for our marriage with me.”

Maybe it was the emotions I was going through.

Earlier in the week, I was on the phone with a friend whose marriage was fighting against the currents pushing it to the rocks.

He’s not the only one.

Over the past months, similar stories from friends, acquaintances, & fellow Christians.

Something was common.

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Everyone Gets a Blessing

Have you heard the only way you get blessed is if you become a Christian?

It’s a good tactic to get the crowd coming for more but not useful past its expiration date. It is callous to think that God ignores the rest of His creation who refuse to believe in Jesus.

Don’t get me wrong.

I still hold to Jesus as the only way to be reconciled to God. It’s also the only way we all get blessed.

But not in the same way.

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When Silence Helps Better

When I was younger, I recall a conversation between two older Christians.

One complained that a particular billionaire was not doing his fair share. The other said he might be. Just because it doesn’t splash on front-page news might mean he prefers his generosity to be unseen. Not that he is doing nothing.

This is this sort of pressure that makes Christians run to the headlines when they do good stuff.

Part of this comes from reading one scripture and forgetting another.
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How Christians Win

I watched a church’s anniversary celebration. At a point they had members share testimonies.

Interestingly, almost all the testimonies sounded like testimonials for speakers like Tony Robbins or Les Brown.

They were running big businesses, at the top of their professional game or just living the better life.

Nothing wrong. But if we define how Christians win the same way everybody else wins, you might wonder what makes Christians different from everyone else.

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