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Not About the Numbers

A while back, I was asked to preach at a fellowship. The big deal was when I gave the altar call.

The number of people that came out in that one service was more than the combined total number of people that had ever made a decision for Jesus anywhere else I had preached.

But I was not where I should be with God.

No, I hadn’t committed any public-shaming sin. But the distance between God and I was wide enough for you to run a couple of Olympic size track events on it.

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When the Story Changed

Believe it or not, until the 2nd or 3rd year in my undergraduate studies, I was planning to end up as a rural jungle Christian missionary.

I was tired of reading missionary organisations begging for people to join them.

I figured “I’ll go as one person less they will need to beg”.

That was until God changed the story of my life. And told me that this was not the plan for me.

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Who Let The Dinos Out

Anybody else wonders what happened to the dinosaurs? 🦕 🦖

Depending on which side of the line you stand – it could be anything from meteors, evolution or someone flushing them down the toilet.

I find it amusing when I listen to Christians trying to force the dinosaurs on the Bible.

In trying to explain how the dinos got here, they evolve their origins using the 7-day creation account.

I will not bore you with the details – you can probably google it if you want the inside scope of that.

So what’s my take on it?

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When Family Takes A Hit

Someone took me up on my offer for a one-on-one conversation this week.

He is not a Christian but now and again would respond to some of my posts to complain about problems he saw.

They were not problems with what I posted but with bigger life-sized problems.

He starts by letting me know that we Africans hide behind religion and refuse to face our problems.

He goes further to write “every time I read your posts, I only see another prosperity pastor and God of men loading.”

Discussing further, I discovered what the real problem is. He had a problem with the hypocrisy of some Christian leaders who take advantage of others.

My response was simple.

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A God Unique to Himself

Is there really a reality of eternity through Jesus that you have been promised?

Is Christianity not just like any other faith in the world?

Do you sometimes wonder if as a Christian, you might be on the wrong side of the bridge?

I saw two posts by Christians which questioned the exclusivity of Christianity to the answers about eternity and life on this side of heaven.

They raise doubts.

I like doubts.

What I don’t like is the treatment of doubts.

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