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Not Strong Enough to Wait

Not Strong Enough to Wait

I was with a group of married men this week. We have been meeting for a couple of weeks to learn about how we can add more value to our marriage.

During our conversations, we talked about how we have been dealing with sexual temptations. The first point by most of the guys was that sometimes one of the best way to win the battle to run from the battle

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Beware the Log in Your Eye


Almost everyone is coming out to talk about BlackLivesMatter. Whilst it’s a laudable thing, a part of me feels we might be ignoring some of the real conversations we should be having personally

Perhaps this is because I grew in a country with multi-tribes and I have seen how people are treated differently because they are not from the same tribe.

And this is not only limited to African countries. I have seen it in Europe. Some friends of mine from Ukraine told me of the problems they had when they first moved to Spain.

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Thanksgiving and not “Why not me”

Thanksgiving and not

I thought this was something I had overcome. After years of been a christian, you make assumptions on the things that can get at you.

A colleague got something that I really wanted ahead of me. I applied for it before he did and by the natural order of things, I should get it before him.

I know I’m still getting it. But my first response to him getting it ahead of me was “why not me?”

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