Live a life of impact & intimacy with God without the overwhelm

Discover how you can achieve this…even if you have been frustrated by so many well-meaning bad advice.

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You missed out!

Tola Akinsulire

Do you find it difficult to live with joy & peace, wondering if your life will count for something bigger than you?

Most days, you are emotionally drained or physically exhausted. Add to that, God seems to be far from the most important things happening in your world right now.

Oftentimes, you run into every new day hoping that things works out because "God is probably still in control".

But hoping things work out doesn't always work out. Continuing like that might take you helplessly adrift, far away from the destination that God has in mind for you.

Your problem starts because you don't even know how your faith expect you to show up into every day!

How do you expect your faith to impact the way you life? How can it breathe life into your body, mind and soul?

Just listening to good sermons and reading books doesn’t work, because you only get the “oomph” as long as you are “on” them.

And what happens if you just do nothing? If you just keep doing what you’ve been doing? 

You keep been pulled by the drift… until you slowly begin to forget the joy that comes with your Christian faith and you simply live life going through the motions – without passion, without any sense of fulfilment in the life you a living.

But you don't have to end up that way.

Your faith can transform every aspect of your life. You should be able to live a better emotional life.You should be able to live a successful Christian life. The kind of life that you find:

- Rest in your body, 

- Peace in your mind,

- Intimacy in your spiritual life with God,

- Transformation in the circumstances around you,

- Eternal impact through everything you do everyday.


A Live Online Training







(GMT + 1)

Discover how to transform your life so you can win against physical exhaustion and mental overwhelm, improve the quality of your life and impact the people around you in a way that makes God happy.

By the end of the training, you will be equipped to achieve these.


Discover everyday practices to help you grow in your relationship with God.

a healthier body & mind

Empower yourself with simple spiritual practices to win against physical & emotional overwhelm.

Winning in life

Build the God mindset for creating the change that God wants to see through your life and living the impact that makes God happy

About Tola

A Christian for almost 3 decades, Tola inspires Christians who want to live intentional lives using his proprietary 5-step framework, The Christ Focused Life Discipline. He helps them make Christ focused decisions in all aspects of their lives so they can live a life of impact and make God happy.

He has had the priviledge of serving in leadership and non-leadership capacities in church organizations and not-for-profit organisations while working for over 2 decades in the financial services & real estate industry across two continents. A core aspect of his life passion is to disciple disciples who can disciple others.

He believes that there is fun and joy in the Christian experience. With him, you can count on a lot of honesty and a dash of humour.

God has called you for something more and he would like to walk with you to help you live it all out.

A Focus on Practice & Transformation

Eniola Adesanmi

"Thanks so much for the e-book. it was really helpful as it is something I have been struggling with for a while."

Toluse Francis

"Great stuff here.
 Needed for this season as I've since decided to see marriage as an adventure."

Wale Osewa

"Insightful, teaching like these are rare on the pulpit...thanks sire."



Module 1: Reinvigorate

Discover spiritual practices to help you win everyday against physical fatigue and mental overwhelm.

  • Control the mental & physical stress in everyday living.
  • Set your mind in the position to live out the God's vision for you.
  • Position your body and mind to meet the challenges of your stage of life


Module 2: Elevate

Recover the God Mindset that gives you control of your life in every season.

  • Develop the proper mindset to see things as God sees them.
  • Create the right vision of life that you should be pursuing.
  • Nurture a heart that easily responds to God.


Module 3: Create

Discover how to position yourself to live for a lasting impact that matters to God.

  • Seize God's vision for the world to live for.
  • Identify how you make the vision work
  • How to leave footprints that never wash away

Special Discount Advantage

To ensure that nothing keeps you from signing up for this training, you are also getting a 75% price discount.


To help you make progress faster and consistently, you'll be getting 3 additional bonuses to the training

Course Bonuses

5 Transforming Spiritual Practices to Renew Your Body, Mind & Spirit.

A video course to help you implement some of the practices taught during the online training. This will be released before the online training to make sure you are ready to implement at the end of the training. This course alone is worth the price of the whole training

Overcome The Guilt - How To Start & Keep A Daily Prayer Habit In 10 Days

An ebook & audiobook which will help you develop your prayer habit using progressive accomplishment steps. It helps you create a simple structure that you can follow to create consistency in your prayer habit.

Doing Your Quiet Time...In A Noisy, Busy & Distracting World

This is the recording of a live training program that you are getting for free. In addition to the recording, you'll also get the materials used for the training. This will give you deeper insights, presented in a way that you can implement almost immediately.

What makes this different

This is not about information dump.

This is about providing transformation.

This is one of the core pilars of everything that we stand for.

The transformational truths of the gospel must be presented in a way that simple Christians can pick up and live out in their every day lives.

It must also change every aspect of their personal lives and relationships.

This training offers you this.

The Value of Your Next Phase of Life

You are ready to take action to LIVE BETTER.

Through this training, you are walking boldly to the door which opens you to new discoveries that your faith in Jesus has always promised you. 

These discoveries will give you renewed power to live a successful Christian Life.

It's time to TAKE ACTION.

NGN20,000 ($49)

NGN5,000 ($13)

  • 75% instant discount
  • Access to Replay
  • Bonus 1 - 5 Transforming Spiritual Practices to Renew Your Body, Mind & Spirit. 
  • Bonus 2 - Overcome The Guilt - How To Start & Keep A Daily Prayer Habit In 10 Days 
  • Bonus 3 - Doing Your Quiet Time...In A Noisy, Busy & Distracting World

Here’s what people are saying about the instructor

Eniola Adesanmi

Eniola Adesanmi

"Thanks so much for the e-book. it was really helpful as it is something I have been struggling with for a while."

toluse francis

Toluse Francis

"Great stuff here.
 Needed for this season as I've since decided to see marriage as an adventure."

wale osewa

Wale Osewa

"Insightful, teaching like these are rare on the pulpit...thanks sire."



The training will be delivered via Zoom. The application works for PC, Mac, Iphone and Android phones. You will need to download and install the application before the training to be able to join the class. The Zoom link will be sent 24 hours before the class to all registered participants.

How long will the training be for?

The training is expected to run for two and half hours (2 1/2 hours). If you can't stay for the whole duration, you can access the replay afterwards. Replays will be shared within 48 hours after the training. But it would be great if you stayed the whole class so you can ask all your questions - you probably have some already.

I am having problems making my payment

Apologies for that. Please send me an email at with the description of the problem so I can help with it.

You have questions not yet addressed?

That's easy peasy lemon squeezy. Just send me an email at and I'll get back at you with a response right for the question.


Deeper Faith. Overflowing Life. Eternal Impact

A Personal Note From Me

This training is very dear to me. 

You see what I do is a one-part personal experiment and one-part discipleship. It's a blend of rich Christian livable truths and hard-earned wisdom.

I don't merely write or teach about stuff. I like to live them out for myself. They help me live as a better a follower of Jesus through my life expressions as a husband, father, employee and any more I find myself in per time.

During this training, I'll be bringing the power of lived experiences that affirm God's eternal truth in a way that will bring personal transformation for you.

I hope you will join me and together we will walk together into the next level of life God wants you to live out.

Tola Akinsulire

Tola Akinsulire