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Have you heard of the term “Helicopter Daddy”? I coined this after reading about a father on NBC News, Paul Wallich, who built a camera-equipped drone to “walk” his son to the bus-stop. You know why? Because occasionally, he finds the quarter-mile hike to be a drag.  A little thought went through my mind – supposing the son gets harassed, how will the father step in?

Camera Drone

One of the things that has come with technology is that we create new substitutes for spending time with each other. Text messaging and phones calls can fill the void created by distance but they can’t meet the depth of intimacy needed to grow in a relationship. When I was younger, I remember going around town visiting friends. Now I can’t remember the last time I made a social visit to any of my friends.

I read somewhere that quality time is the excuse for not spending enough time with those that matter to us. Quality time often comes from spending a lot of time. Think about it, some of the best memories you have of close friends and family were not planned. They came from spending time with them.

The people that are close to us tell us the truth about ourselves and help us to learn from our mistakes. Imagine this, the disciples spent a lot of time with Jesus that He rubbed on them. A husband learns more about him and his wife by spending time with her, parents connect more with their children by spending time with them.

As we start this second half of the year, make up your mind not be consumed with so much that you have so little time to spend with those that should matter the most. Try not to be the “helicopter daddy” who thinks he is there but cannot influence the events happening at that moment and neither do the events engage him directly.

So what is your action plan for the rest of the year? Try to take time to share a thought below

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