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A girl told an interesting story of why it took a while before she eventually opened her heart to the gospel. According her, every time her colleague tried to introduce Jesus to her, for some strange reason it felt like he was asking “Do you want to be a nun?”. Anyway, eventually she realized what following Christ really meant – no need to enter the monastery. Today, she proudly follows the saviour and carries the badge of being a christian with pride.

So really why does it take a while for people to give attention to how Jesus saves? There is really no one answer but sometimes in our hurry to make converts, we don’t really ask them what’s on their mind. Unless we know what is on their minds, we may not know how to interpret Christ to them. Christ is all and is in all but He must become something or someone to them to draw them to Him.


Some years back, during an outdoor gospel outreach, I was having follow-up conversations with a guy who had come out. The first question I asked was this “Why did you come out when a call was made for surrendering to Jesus?”. Guess what he said, “I don’t know what is happening. I was walking around the area and I saw people going to the front so I figured I should go out there. I don’t even know why they were coming out or what this event is about.” Well, I started the whole gospel message with him and he understood. But he said “I can’t make that commitment.” So I prayed with him and he left.

Our encounter with them must eventually bring them to only two choices – surrender to Him or not. We need to make the effort to meet them where they are and bring them to the point they come face-to-face with Christ. It may be gradual through multiple discussions like the girl in the earlier story or a quick-fire conversation like the one with the guy in my second story.

So make up your mind to give the people around you the joy of facing the Christ they need and making the choice to surrender or not. It brings joy to Jesus’ heart when we make Him timely and culturally relevant to the people around us. It could start with a simple question “What do you know about Jesus?” if you are not sure about where they stand or “What do you remember about when you decided to become a Christian?”if they are church people but you are not sure if they are just religious.

Go on.

Make that move – Bring Joy To God’s Heart.

By the way, I’d like to know what other questions you think can be used to stimulate conversations about Jesus. Thanks for sharing your thoughts below

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