Don’t Let Their Innocence Be Stolen3 min read

Someone posted a video on their facebook profile which was re-posted until it showed up on my feed. Let me say this, it may not have been the most assaulting video I saw but it sure ranks well on the top of the list. The video was that of a boy no more than 9 years old been made to perform sexual acts on a girl in her late teens. According to the person who posted the video, the girl was the house maid. In the writer’s view, he or she was playing “good Samaritan” to warn us to be wary of leaving our children alone with housemaid without supervision.

Despite the seemingly “good intentions” of the writer, I was more offended with the writer than the housemaid. How can we have become so comfortable with being spectators that we can hide in an unseen corner and record videos under the guise of wanting to warn others with it? The truth is really that we have become too interested in saving ourselves instead of helping others.


Can you imagine? A boy of no more than 9 years is being sexually assaulted and all you can do is watch? That is so revolting. You did not raise an alarm to scare the predator or run to rescue the boy. Rather you sat, watched and recorded the video thereafter decided to share it on social media. The victim has now been assaulted twice – first, a sexual assault was committed against him and second, you have sent out naked images of him to the whole world. I dare say that you are circulating child pornography.

It is seems that we have become so engrossed in the spectator sport that everything in life is a play which we just sit back, enjoy and if we feel a small pang of conscience, report about it. That is not what the Christian faith expects of us. We need to always ask ourselves; is there a victim at this scene of injustice? Thereafter, run to protect the victim. That is our true Christian call – not to stay on the sidelines and watch.

It is easier to think we are helping someone far and removed from the scene of the crime by sharing the video. We forget that our first responsibility is to the person closest to the scene. So please, next time, don’t stop to record a video, take a picture or tweet about it. Rescue the victim first – I am sure we would all have liked the story better if you had stopped the act and then sent out even of short paragraph recounting what happened. No need to supply the video, our imaginations can build on your words.

I don’t know what will become of the boy after being robbed of his innocence at so young an age. I really pray that someone who knows the true value of being “a brother’s keeper” will reach him before an incorrigible lifestyle is developed.

I may not be able to protect him from him been robbed of his innocence but I promise to protect the next one that comes my way.

I really hope we can all make that commitment to save the next one.

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Tola Akinsulire

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