When God Uses Errors for Good1 min read

When God Uses Errors for Good

Something happened at our home this week that reminded me of how God steps in to address problems you never knew you had.

To understand it best, I’d like to share a story that happened during my undergraduate

I had gone to the hospital feeling unwell (exactly, that’s the only reason we go there)

The doctor had recommended a widal test and sensitivity of the test.

I went to the laboratory and the guy asked for samples I didn’t expect to give. I gave it and went my merry way.

At home, I had a conversation with my dad and he agreed with me that something was amiss.

The next day, I went to the lab and we had a conversation with the boss. He realized that the guy had misunderstood the test.

They went on to do the right test and the wrong test that I didn’t ask for since they had started it anyway.

When God Uses Errors for Good

As it turns out, the test I didn’t ask for indicated that I had a bacteria infection that if not treated now could affect my ability to have kids in the future.

To solve it, all I had to do was take some antibiotics for 5 days.

It had a simple solution because it was caught early.

I realized that God may work through the mistakes of others to solve a problem I didn’t know I had.

And the same thing happened this week.

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Tola Akinsulire

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