When God Doesn’t Act Like God3 min read


I had just finished speaking with a good friend of mine on the phone. She’s one of the saintliest persons I have ever known. Her life journey has been touching – she’s been raped, robbed and duped. She’s survived the religious violence in Northern Nigeria. During our conversation, a part of her was asking – how does this all add up in God’s story for me?

I bet you have asked the same question at some point in your life. I have asked those questions. It doesn’t get easier when it seems like God is not answering the questions either. When God offends my expectations, my heart reveals what it thinks about God.

I guess like most of us, I have always thought that God’s job is to meet my needs once I say yes to Him. That is what being God means right? He is meant to give me a happily-ever-after anytime I ask. I mean He can do anything, He might as well do ANYTHING I ASK.


By the way, I can’t presume to completely understand God. But my times of not getting what I ask have taught me two things. First, God does all things first & foremost for His benefit. Second, God is more concerned about us than we could ever be concerned of ourselves. That’s why He died on the Cross in the first place

These two are good pillars with which I build my encouragement on anytime God offends my expectations. It means that in the end, God will resolve all matters to the good of His kingdom and that means to my good also.

This does not make the journey less burdensome but it could make the load less heavy to carry.

Can you imagine people questioning your faith because it seems bad things are happening to you or the promises of God sound like distant whispers?

In those times, God may not seem to make sense. In the vernacular, God is not behaving like God. He never promised to make sense but He promised to be there for you.

When you see God this way, He will seem a little less complicated. But He will still continue to surprise – that is His nature as God. Even when God doesn’t seem to make sense, He will always make sure you can feel His presence right there with you.

Update on my friend. She’s actually back in Northern Nigeria working with organizations helping Internally Displaced Persons (IDP). Despite the fact that she doesn’t understand why she has to go through all she has gone through, she is still living believing that God wants her to continue serving people – no matter the risk.

That is the kind of perspective of God I want to live by. Living with a servant’s heart no matter my situation in life and no matter how God offends my expectations.

So, when you think God is not behaving like God – He is actually behaving like God.

That’s probably a part of Him you didn’t get to know before then.

Now you are really getting to know a different part of Him – more of Him

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