Let Your Money Show Your Faith1 min read

Let Your Money Show Your Faith
Someone told me about a friend of his who had access to significant US Dollars just as the impact of the COVID lock-down was hitting Nigeria.
He could have bet against the Nigerian Naira and buy up the dollars. 
But he said he could not do that because he always prays for the prosperity of Nigeria. He could not be praying for this and also be betting against its prosperity.

We cannot be praying for our country and be looking for ways to benefit from things not going right in it.
Let Your Money Show Your Faith
This reminds me of when God told Jeremiah to buy land at a time when the Babylonians were marching up against Judah (Jer 32:1-44).
By the way, Jeremiah is also the guy that prophesied that the Babylonians would overrun Judah.
He lost money on that deal because he did not make anything from owning the land.
But the acquisition was an expression of faith that God would once again restore the fortunes of Judah (Jer 32:42-44)
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Tola Akinsulire

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