When Using my Right is not Right1 min read

When Using my Right is not Right

A couple of things happened to me professionally over the last one week. During a conversation with another professional, he proposed a line of action which could be considered a smart and legitimate move.

The only problem is that it wouldn’t line up with what I consider as personal integrity.

It wasn’t that I was going back on something I had promised. But I implied the promise based on the way the professional relationship had evolved.

I was, therefore, going to go the way David wanted – “keep my promise even when it hurts” Ps 14:5b

When Using my Right is not Right

I was choosing to let go of a right I had because I believe it is right to do it in order to maintain my personal integrity.

Sometimes, it is right not to use my rights even when I am within my rights to use them.

It can be what integrity demands

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Tola Akinsulire

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