When Parents Forget Parenting1 min read

When Parents Forget Parenting
There was a video that trended in my home country Nigeria during the week.
It was the video of a parent disciplining the son (no more than 10 years old) and the kid telling the mother to calm down.
As it would turn out, the governor of his state loved his negotiating skills and said he was inspired by the video “because of the deeper meaning it conveys,” urging residents to “calm down.” during this Corona times.
An NGO expressed its desire to make the boy their “Calm Down” ambassador. All in all, the boy has become a celebrity.
Unfortunately, in all this, we have forgotten a parental fail. 

The discipline of a child should be done within the secrecy of the family. It should not be shared with the world.
The mom claimed that she recorded it to show her sister and shared it with just 4 people not knowing it would go viral. But she has no complaints because of the boons that it has rewarded them with.
The first rule of sharing any content is this “if you don´t want many people to see it, don´t share it with few people”
When Parents Forget Parenting
The discipline of a child highlights the family culture and the privacy of a child needs to be protected during that process.
It is not for the view of persons outside to the family. And I think in this case, the mother´s sister falls under this category. 
As a family unit, we need to create boundaries that we will not allow our family activities and information to go outside off.
We are protecting our children to live normal lives that will reflect the family culture we create for them
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