A Peddler of a Strange Gospel2 min read

A Peddler of a Strange Gospel
I get feedback from people of some of the stuff I write and how it doesn’t seem to line up with conventional or general ideas of what Christianity is.
I am always first to be critical about everything I write. My reason is simple. I carry a heavy punishment for teaching anything that does not line up with the complete gospel.
This is one of the reasons why I try to read the whole Bible every year. It is meant to ensure that everything I write aligns with the whole Bible.
While on the phone with someone, we got into talking about scriptures. At a point, I said that God sometimes takes believers home at a young age, irrespective of how they died.
He asked if I could change it to “God allows it”.

We then went into a deeper conversation that probably must have gone on for over an hour.
My goal was simple. I hoped to give him a better understanding of God’s power over His creation.
God has control over all His creation. He doesn’t just allow things – He decrees them.
I had a similar argument with someone else a few weeks back.
A Peddler of a Strange Gospel
I think part of the reason for us disagreeing with this is because we have been told for years that God is a spiritual Santa-Claus who only gives good stuff when we are good.
Guys like us now sound like peddlers of a strange gospel when we tell people that God is responsible for both the good times and bad times.
For reasons that only He completely understands, He decrees bad times – not just allow it
I keep on checking my doctrine to be sure that what I hold to is consistent with the whole Bible
Not just aligning to a verse or story in the Bible
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