Letting People Answer Their Questions1 min read

Letting People Answer Their Questions
It has taken me years to learn this and even more years still trying to practice it
It’s something I picked up from watching Jesus answer people’s questions.
Instead of giving answers, He would give them a fresh perspective which they could use to answer their own questions.
I got to practice a bit of that this week.

Someone responded to something I had written last week  – you can read the full stuff here
Anyway, she asked “does a decree not mean it was allowed ‘Tomato ToMAto’?
Letting People Answer Their Questions
So using the Jesus approach, I asked her if these two sentences convey the same meaning.
a – At the sentencing trial of the criminal, the judge decreed that he should be put in prison.
b – At the sentencing trial of the criminal, the judge allowed that he be put in prison.
She responded “In this instance, it doesn’t. I get you though, allowed sometimes wants to imply that God didn’t have control or He just let it happen. Whereas, decree is more of in control, deliberate.”
Case closed for now and I didn’t have to say anything.
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