A Secure Spouse Breathes Life to a Marriage1 min read

A Secure Spouse Breathes Life to a Marriage

I was talking with a couple who were both in their second marriages with each other. Both their spouses had died and they had raised grown-up children.

After they got married, the wife wrote an email to the husband’s children. The gist of her message was this “I am going to be your father’s wife. I am not trying to replace your mother”. The husband only got to know about the message after she had sent it.

But the message really touched an emotion in his children. Not long after the message, all his children sent her “Happy Mothers’ Day” messages

A Secure Spouse Breathes Life to a Marriage

By just recognizing who she is and what she brings into the marriage, she was able to reach across the table and connect to the husband’s children.

She taught me the difference a secure spouse can bring into a marriage.

God help me be secure in what I bring into my marriage and not try focus on what I cannot bring

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