Silent When to Speak2 min read

Silent When to Speak
I was watching a Christian movie in which the main protagonist would constantly give responses that point people to his faith in Jesus
For example, when he was asked why he had not yet married, he responded that he is praying and waiting on the Lord.
He was quite bold to make similar declarations in so many aspects of life – his work and his choice of lifestyle.
Watching it made me go over my life and wonder if I have not missed on “testifying opportunities”.

I recall how after I had worked for a couple of years and looked settled, especially after moving into my house, I would be asked by some of my family members now and again when I was bringing my bride home.
I couldn’t find the voice to say “I am waiting on God to bring her to my world”. My response would simply be something like “I am still waiting to find her”. 
Another time, a colleague in my office complimented a particular way I respond to work stress, I just smiled. Later on, I wondered why I could not seize the moment to say “it was my faith in Jesus that created the transformation”
Silent When to Speak
I wish I could be quick on the draw like the guy in the movie I watched to always add a reference to my faith in Jesus when I need to give reasons for why I do things
I know that my faith in Jesus has been proved by the life I lived in these situations but a part of me wished I would live it out and speak it out.
Live & Speak
Speaking gives a gospel they can hear to understand
Living gives a gospel they can see to experience its power
I want to do both.
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