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Why I Need People Who Keep Me Accountable

Why I Need People Who Keep Me Accountable
Tola’s Thoughts On Faith & Life

I just watched the interview by Priscilla Shirer (daughter of Tony Evans and main lead in the movie War Room) with Bob and Audrey Meisner.

After 17 years of marriage and a seemingly idyllic marriage admired by others but internally suffering from poor communication and a lack of communication, Audrey had an affair with a man from their church and was pregnant with his child.

By the way, they were pastoring a church.

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How To Protect Your Spouse By Not Falling

I came across an interesting statistic. Shirley Glass, in researching her book Not Just Friends found that 25 percent of wives and 44 percent of husbands have had extramarital intercourse.

Many of their affairs began at work. She found that from 1982 to 1990, 38 percent of unfaithful wives in her clinical practice were involved with someone from work.

From 1991 to 2000, the number of women’s work affairs increased to 50 percent. Men also are having most of their affairs with people from their workplace.

Among the 350 couples she has treated, approximately 62 percent of unfaithful men met their affair partners at work. Seeing the same people for legitimate reasons frequently helps friendship develop.

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Don’t Let Their Innocence Be Stolen

Someone posted a video on their facebook profile which was re-posted until it showed up on my feed. Let me say this, it may not have been the most assaulting video I saw but it sure ranks well on the top of the list. The video was that of a boy no more than 9 years old been made to perform sexual acts on a girl in her late teens. According to the person who posted the video, the girl was the house maid. In the writer’s view, he or she was playing “good Samaritan” to warn us to be wary of leaving our children alone with housemaid without supervision.

Despite the seemingly “good intentions” of the writer, I was more offended with the writer than the housemaid. How can we have become so comfortable with being spectators that we can hide in an unseen corner and record videos under the guise of wanting to warn others with it? The truth is really that we have become too interested in saving ourselves instead of helping others.

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It Wasn’t Me

Have you ever been in that situation? Someone asked you a question and you think, you know the real question they are not asking. To us, the question seems to be their way of saying “it was your fault”. So we don’t answer the question asked but rather the question we think they are asking. “It wasn’t me“.

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I Don Write This… God Win!

There was an outburst of emotion – everyone held a strong opinion.  The reason for all this – one of the leading churches had invited a secular musician to sing at one of its events. The artist, Korede Bello, had released the song ‘God Win‘ which had become a hit in its own right. The song resonated well with the God-embracing public and even a number of regular Church goers.

It was the kind of song that could do no wrong. So the Church must have felt itself possibly as a pioneer by taking this move. I don’t hold brief for either the artist or the church. I have chosen to join the discourse because I consider myself to be a Christian and a passionate believer in using the creative arts as a medium of worship and outreach

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