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When Family Takes A Hit

Someone took me up on my offer for a one-on-one conversation this week.

He is not a Christian but now and again would respond to some of my posts to complain about problems he saw.

They were not problems with what I posted but with bigger life-sized problems.

He starts by letting me know that we Africans hide behind religion and refuse to face our problems.

He goes further to write “every time I read your posts, I only see another prosperity pastor and God of men loading.”

Discussing further, I discovered what the real problem is. He had a problem with the hypocrisy of some Christian leaders who take advantage of others.

My response was simple.

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Your Problem With Church

I met a couple who had an interesting story to tell from their experience on holiday in the US. Originally from France, they had being living in Guinea for almost 20 years. After arriving at the JFK airport, they were told their connecting flight could not take off because the original pilot had some family issues and the airline could not get a replacement.
On their way back, they had taken a VIP Coach to make the two and a half hour drive to the airport. Guess what, the bus broke down and they had to wait for over 4 hours before a replacement bus was found. As it turns out, the bus had been showing signs of problem the day before but the company still decided to put it in the road. They said – “We thought these only happens in Africa”.

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