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When Bad Things Happen

bad things
Tola’s Thoughts On Faith & Life 

They were talking not too far from me so I could hear most of their conversation

He had just suffered a deep personal tragedy. At height of the whole thing, he had gotten so many people to pray. He had even gotten a well-known pastor to pitch in – surely God must answer this man’s prayer

Well, it seemed like everything was going to work out. And then the unseen hand of fate played a curveball that threw the whole story to an inglorious end. Or so it seemed.

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What Happens When Christians Think God Is Not Good…Again

This post is a continuation of an earlier post. You can read the first post here.

How do you feel when you hear a sermon where the preacher runs off on a long talk saying that you need to do something big for God to really matter for God? In case you are one of the lucky ones who have escaped such sermons, I can bet that you have heard this next one.

You must have heard a few of your church buddies talk about how they think a big time preacher is going to get big bonus points from God because he’s got a ministry reaching out to thousands or even millions (or was it you that said it?). They come tacked with nice comments like “for this, God must have a humongous mansion ready for him on the other side”.

You know, all these still show is that we really don’t think that God is good. This sort of thinking shows that we think that God is a task master who is readily impressed by “big and shinny” things. For example, a big ministry, a big church, a big crowd, a global outreach, blah, blah, blah (you can add to the list).

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What Happens When Christians Think God Is Not Good

I bet you have heard testimonies like this in church. “I was in need of so-and-so. I prayed but nothing happened. Then I did this-and-that or gave a seed-faith and voila, God did it.” Then not too long afterwards, we hear a sermon corroborating the testimony asking us to practice some form of action to “move God” to do whatever we need.

I think I am finding out every day that we (I included) don’t really know what it means to have God as our father. You see, if this is the way God is, then we have a dysfunctional dad in the family. I bet you know in your heart that God is not a dysfunctional dad and He is the standard by which all other dads should be measured.

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