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How Christians Win

I watched a church’s anniversary celebration. At a point they had members share testimonies.

Interestingly, almost all the testimonies sounded like testimonials for speakers like Tony Robbins or Les Brown.

They were running big businesses, at the top of their professional game or just living the better life.

Nothing wrong. But if we define how Christians win the same way everybody else wins, you might wonder what makes Christians different from everyone else.

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Nothing Outside His Knowledge

I was going through my WhatsApp messages, trying to clean up my phone.

I stumbled on a message I sent to my wife when for unexplainable reasons I was refused boarding on a flight.

The airline staff refused to allow me on the plane claiming that I didn’t have the needed documentation to fly. I showed him everything and he still refused.

It was a connecting flight so I had to spend the night in that city.

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