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When You Think God Is Punishing You For Your Sins

I bet you have heard church folks comment when something bad things happens to a Christian who used to live a pretty rough life before he or she repented – God must be punishing him or her for the sins committed in the past. It seems like God is always out to get you even though you are now a Christian.

But is this really how God is? I think it is pretty scary to be living and just waiting for God to pull the rug from under your feet.

I have a sneaky feeling that the god of Karma has crept into the church and has been given the borrowed clothes of the God of the Bible. To the honest, when I hear stuff like this, it seems more like karma rather the God of the Bible.

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Are You Living On God’s Back-up Plan?

When I was starting up as a Christian, I used to hear sermons asking us to pray for God’s perfect will and not to live God’s permissible will. It really put the fear of God in me not to “miss it”. It used to seem like I could be living my life thinking that I was living God’s best and poof! I find out that I am on the wrong side of the road.

For example, you need to find out if it is God’s will for you to study that course or else you could spend your life working in the job God didn’t want. I bet you know this one – you could marry the wrong woman and spend your life wondering “what could have been?”.

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God Through The Eyes Of A 7 year Old

“I don’t get it”. She said with an incredulous look. “How can God be everywhere and you say He wants to live in me?”.

It was great having this 7-year-old try to grapple with something older Christians don’t even think about but it was also a bit of a climb. So I knew I had to do my best to make it very simple.

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