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Marriage Fight Club

Marriage Fight Club

I sent a message to my wife yesterday.

“Thank you for fighting for our marriage with me.”

Maybe it was the emotions I was going through.

Earlier in the week, I was on the phone with a friend whose marriage was fighting against the currents pushing it to the rocks.

He’s not the only one.

Over the past months, similar stories from friends, acquaintances, & fellow Christians.

Something was common.

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After my Wife and I fought

After my Wife and I fought

As part of our plan for growth this year, one of the decisions my wife and I made was to go for counseling. Our reason was pretty simple; we wanted to deepen of relationship and marriage experience.

We didn’t go into it because of a major problem. Rather, so we could move to the next level in our marriage

To keep our commitment to the whole process, we went for a paid option and were connected to a wonderful couple with many decades of marriage experience.

As things happen, my wife and I had one of those fights couples have about 2 days before one of our sessions.

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