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When I was Asked About Bible Study & Meditation

When I was Asked About Bible Study & Meditation
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I get questions now and again from my email list. Sometimes, I get such a good question that the response more or less reads like a blog post.

I got one of those questions on Monday. After responding, I figured I should share it.

Perhaps you might catch a thing or two from it.

The Question 

Hi Tola,

Awesome stuff as usual.

Would you care to share tips on Bible Study and Meditation?

I seem to be having a good time with prayers, I could fast a lot more now and I see some spiritual gifts manifest in more powerful dimensions but I seem to have a struggle with bible study especially in the area of getting revelations from passages I study and being able to meditate on them. I get particularly ‘worried” when someone talks about a place I have probably just read in the bible (from my bible study plan) and they discuss it in such a way that makes it seem I didn’t read it at all. At a time, I was reading bible commentaries alongside the passages (Enduring word commentaries) but it takes a very long time and this could extend my quiet time to about two and half hours sometimes. Now, I try to use different translations of the bible.

Do you care to share tips around this?

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