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Whatever Happened To The Day Called “SABBATH”?


I had this interesting conversation with a colleague of mine at work. She was a Christian like me and she always put in the extra effort at work to make sure things got done. I was having a chat and trying to find out what she did during the weekends after a very busy week (which is like every week!).

Her response went something like this. “My husband and I are up early on Saturday morning to attend a couple meetings in church. We spend most of the day in church on Saturday to get a number of things going. We are also up early on Sunday morning for service followed by a couple more meetings after church. In the evening, we attend the home fellowship meetings”

I was stunned when she reeled through all this because she was said it with a sense of self-achievement. Well, I wasn’t going to bust her bubble too quickly so I stylishly slipped in the question – when do you take time to rest?

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