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When Thank-You Changes The Universe

Thank You Rocks The Galaxy

Does anyone remember the first etiquette words that our parents make us say more often than we would have liked to when we were kids? Let me help you out – my words were “Please” and “Thank you”.

Eventually, “please” became easier to say since I usually said it because I wanted to get something. “Thank you” had its own unique challenges. I just could not appreciate some of the situations I had to say “thank you” for.

Can you imagine that after you just got a whopping or served a punishment (usually very excruciating), I had to say “thank you”? Maybe it was to appreciate them for a good whopping – which I really didn’t. Anyway, it kind of looked like all the grown-ups were always trying to make me say “thank you”, even if I didn’t want to. I bet it probably was the same for you.

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