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Depression, Miracles & Medication

I battled with depression for some years.

At some point, I contemplated taking my life.

The only thing that held me back from taking any active steps to achieve it was the certainty that I was not going to end up on the good side of eternity with God if I did it.

My fight with depression lasted till some time during my undergraduate.

Then I experienced a miracle.
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Catching the Fear Bug

“You need to have multiple streams of income because you don’t know what might happen tomorrow”

This was coming straight from the pulpit. So, we had to take it, not leave it.

Sadly, it’s talk like this that invented a new species of Christians – The Time-Bubble Christian.

Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing in having multiple streams of income.

But there is something wrong when the only motivation for that is our fear of the future.

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A God Unique to Himself

Is there really a reality of eternity through Jesus that you have been promised?

Is Christianity not just like any other faith in the world?

Do you sometimes wonder if as a Christian, you might be on the wrong side of the bridge?

I saw two posts by Christians which questioned the exclusivity of Christianity to the answers about eternity and life on this side of heaven.

They raise doubts.

I like doubts.

What I don’t like is the treatment of doubts.

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