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When God Doesn’t Act Like God


I had just finished speaking with a good friend of mine on the phone. She’s one of the saintliest persons I have ever known. Her life journey has been touching – she’s been raped, robbed and duped. She’s survived the religious violence in Northern Nigeria. During our conversation, a part of her was asking – how does this all add up in God’s story for me?

I bet you have asked the same question at some point in your life. I have asked those questions. It doesn’t get easier when it seems like God is not answering the questions either. When God offends my expectations, my heart reveals what it thinks about God.

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What Happens When Christians Think God Is Not Good

I bet you have heard testimonies like this in church. “I was in need of so-and-so. I prayed but nothing happened. Then I did this-and-that or gave a seed-faith and voila, God did it.” Then not too long afterwards, we hear a sermon corroborating the testimony asking us to practice some form of action to “move God” to do whatever we need.

I think I am finding out every day that we (I included) don’t really know what it means to have God as our father. You see, if this is the way God is, then we have a dysfunctional dad in the family. I bet you know in your heart that God is not a dysfunctional dad and He is the standard by which all other dads should be measured.

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