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God Creates new Opportunities for Others

God Creates new Opportunities for Others
A couple of events this week made me realize that God creates new opportunities for others as He creates opportunities for me.
The often spoken theology most of us have heard is that God has to bring someone down to raise us up.
But the events of the week re-affirmed my conviction that God can raise me up by creating new opportunities for others

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When God Uses Errors for Good

When God Uses Errors for Good

Something happened at our home this week that reminded me of how God steps in to address problems you never knew you had.

To understand it best, I’d like to share a story that happened during my undergraduate

I had gone to the hospital feeling unwell (exactly, that’s the only reason we go there)

The doctor had recommended a widal test and sensitivity of the test.

I went to the laboratory and the guy asked for samples I didn’t expect to give. I gave it and went my merry way.

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A Peddler of a Strange Gospel

A Peddler of a Strange Gospel
I get feedback from people of some of the stuff I write and how it doesn’t seem to line up with conventional or general ideas of what Christianity is.
I am always first to be critical about everything I write. My reason is simple. I carry a heavy punishment for teaching anything that does not line up with the complete gospel.
This is one of the reasons why I try to read the whole Bible every year. It is meant to ensure that everything I write aligns with the whole Bible.
While on the phone with someone, we got into talking about scriptures. At a point, I said that God sometimes takes believers home at a young age, irrespective of how they died.
He asked if I could change it to “God allows it”.

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The Forgotten Believers’ Authority

The Forgotten Believers Authority
The biggest benefit reading a book can give you is the transformation of your mind and the courage to live out what you have just read.
I get that inspiration now and again when I read spiritual books. It excites me when I hear of others who do the same.
I was listening to Pastor Bankie when he talked about his experience some years back after reading Kenneth Hagins‘ book “The Believers’ Authority
The book opened his eyes to the authority that the Christian had to change some of the events happening around him or her.
After reading the book, he was in a place where someone was saying blasphemous things about the church. He didn’t know what he could do to stop him.
He said he walked out of the room and prayed that the blasphemous spirit should stop. 
The Forgotten Believers Authority
When he went back in, the guy had stopped saying blasphemous things and saying what was in keeping with correct Christian teaching. And the guy was not even a believer
Another time, he said he was staying in a room that had neighbors who were always having constant fights and arguments.
After enduing the non-stop disturbance, he prayed that there would be peace. And as it happened, for the next 2 weeks, there was not a single argument or fight from the once-noisy-neighbors.
It reminded me how I spend so much time trying to talk people out of certain actions or decisions instead of just praying
Sometimes, prayer is the real work we should do to change situations and minds