Thank You…a Gift for You1 min read

Yes, It’s my Birthday.

And I am giving out an ebook for free.

As an extra, I’m throwing in the audiobook too.

The ebook “Your Life Matters – A Guide to Crafting the Story of Your Life” will help you draw up your life story with goals to feed the picture of how you want to live a life of impact.

In simple parlance, it’s going to help you build a life that matters.

So, download – no email required.

Just click and go.

Download Ebook

Download Audiobook



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Tola Akinsulire

A married guy with a precocious son who works his (I mean me, not my son - I bet you know, right?) day job as a financial guy trying to make real estate projects have some sense to the investor. I like to talk about what I learn along the way as I live my faith in life (family, work, friendships, fellowship, community and anything else you can put here).