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Before Children Became Parents
The conclusion the post came to was this "despite our parents' worst efforts, we turned out ok. So it would[...]
When I Said I Do
It was a few years back I don’t remember what caused it but I felt that my wife was not[...]
The Smart Way to Support a Political Leader God Chooses
An argument started on one of the groups I’m on. It’s not a lame kind of argument. This was serious.[...]


Christmas and the Wisemen Mystery
A Christmas message wrapped up in The Wiseman mystery. Solve the mystery and you'll discover this Christmas' special message.  [...]
The In-Between Season: The Abraham Experience
In-Between seasons are times of life when we are caught in between two important seasons of life. One of the[...]
How To Interpret Your World
How are you seeing the things that happen around you? There is a way that you can see it that[...]

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