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During a conversation, someone tried to highlight a problem Of Christians when it comes to accepting unusual characters.
It was claimed that Jesus had an open door policy and took everyone on – no matter what package they came in.
This is an incomplete way to look at Jesus.

Jesus adopted either a gentle or firm approach, depending on the need and not on the person.
The immoral woman that kissed Jesus’ feet wanted to change her life, Jesus have her forgiveness and acceptance. The key ingredients for a fresh start.
The Samaritan woman wanted a new life without the feeling of shame from her old life. Jesus gave her acceptance and new hope. The impetus to stir her on her journey to new life.
Zacchaeus wanted to change his life, Jesus gave him acceptance and forgiveness. The very things he needed to put him on the right track.
The rich young ruler wanted validation without a change in his life, Jesus gave him acceptance and a call to repentance. Validation and repentance don’t mix. That’s why he couldn’t stomach what Jesus said.
The Jews who had believed in Jesus wanted validation and acknowledgment of their heritage, Jesus offered them new hope and the way of salvation. Their sense of racial superiority did not go well with what Jesus offered.
To say Jesus accepted everyone on their terms without offering His terms diminishes His Lordship.

He would not be Lord if He accepted everyone based on their terms.
The people who wanted to change found Him exactly as He is – Creator of new futures and beginnings.
The people who wanted to remain as they were found Him as difficult as can be expected – He is the only way to new life.
And this is what we must never forget.
We don’t accept people without offering them what they need.

What they need is more important than their self-validation.
They need a savior who meets them on His terms not their terms

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Tola Akinsulire

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