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I recently visited a church and the soloist did a beautiful thing giving a seamless rendition of “Forever Grateful” and the timeless classic “Amazing Grace“. The beautiful thing was that the blend of both songs created a beautiful journey of Grace.


Grace takes the sinner by hand through the corridors of repentance into the halls of salvation. Within the halls of salvation, there are no sinners only saints. The same grace that delivers from sin has power to keep from sin. Unfortunately, most of us choose to embrace the saving power of grace, sinning at will and returning to God for forgiveness. No doubt, grace will continue to save but the saint does not grow in authority or passion for God. In heaven, such a saint will have no reward for the life lived. He will make heaven, but just as one who escaped through the fire.
You want to live life to the fullest and maximize grace, let me share a few thoughts with you:

  1. Determine in your heart to live life the way Jesus did – keep finding ways to please God
  2. Tell yourself that because you are human, you can fall for sin. But make up your mind that because God lives in you, you can avoid falling for sin
  3. Find people that have the same inclination towards God and sin. Plan to spend time with them as often as you can
  4. Try to find opportunities to live out your commitment to God
 Do you believe it’s possible to live above sin by grace? Are you experiencing victory over sin in your life? Please do take out time to share your thoughts in the comments below.
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Tola Akinsulire

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